In her converted Victorian home in San Francisco, founder of Yangki and internationally acclaimed visionary Sondra Alexander creates handcrafted works of art on paper and fabric. Working in the centuries-old art form of handcrafted wallpaper, her dynamic designs can be described as the blending of opposites – warm and cool; rough and smooth; rural and urban – resulting in an inspiring balance of forces that come together as a unified whole.

Born in America's fashion Mecca, New York City, Sondra understood the language of design and fashion even as a child. With Vogue magazine in tow, she began to frequent New York's Fifth Avenue in search of great design ideas. By 1965, Sondra had opened her own boutique, showcasing her urbane line of hand-painted clothing. Before long, up-scale boutiques across the country were carrying her clothing line.

sondra alexanderHowever, this driven and creative free spirit soon began to look for additional mediums of expression. In 1977, she began creating her signature line of wallcoverings, becoming one of the first artists to connect fashion and interior design. Sondra’s vision is constantly nourished by the world around her. “I remember once, while walking through the streets of Rome, how awed I was by the beauty of ancient structures,” states Sondra Alexander. “The rich patinas, the layers of ever-changing textures created by centuries of exposure, and the juxtaposition of color within the peeling surfaces and from building to building—it was a mystical moment.”

An avid environmentalist, Sondra uses only the highest quality, eco-friendly materials available including solvent-free, water-based paint. Incorporating recycled and recyclable papers into her designs, all of Sondra’s papers are “A” rated and known for their ease of application, maintenance and durability. Her hand applied designs employ a variety of materials, including stone, bark, kozo, sand, metal, plaster, and rice paper, resulting in compelling dimensional textures. With intense depth of color, texture and luminosity, the Yangki collection also includes exceptional hand-painted pieces in a variety of fabrics, such as velvet, silk and linen.

Sondra Alexander's distinctly contemporary and architectural style manages to maintain a sense of life drawn from the natural world, allowing for moods that range from the sensuous and mystical to the heights yangki studio of refined sophistication. Her fearless yet sensitive approach to design has led to her work adorning the walls of such prestigious establishments as Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue and the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Waikoloa, The Wynn Las Vegas, St. Francis Suites in San Francisco and private homes around the globe.


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